(Dinè, from Navajo - "of the people")

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DinÈcom is a hosted solution that provides people who sell items or services on the Internet that ability to meet on-line with prospective or existing customers in personal "rooms" provided from our servers. These "rooms" allow sellers and buyers to meet in a real-time environment on the Internet and quickly establish a bonding relationship. The relationships facilitated by DinÈcom have a lasting value that cannot be made through either e-mail or cold calls on the telephone. Because DinÈcom is a hosted solution, there is virtually no implementation effort required. Any client can be DinÈcom enabled in a matter of minutes just by inserting a simple line of HTML into their existing web page. Once enabled, the value and benefits that DinÈcom can bring to clients are the following:

  • Quickly form a lasting relationship -- DinÈcom allows people to meet and quickly form a relationship through real-time chat dialog and streaming webcam technology. Prospective customers have the opportunity to actually see the escort live on webcam, while the escort is provided the opportunity to chat with and better understand the prospective client prior to actually making date. The escort and the prospective customer both have a better and closer relationship prior to their first meeting than they would either through an e-mail or telephone exchange.
  • Rekindle and maintain existing relationships -- our pilot studies have already shown that one of the most valuable benefits of DinÈcom is not just becoming comfortable with new customers, but many older clients have found their way to our pilot lounge. The relationships that had once been strong but faded with time were rekindled and turned into new business for our pilot escort. We view this of tremendous value as it provides additional business with the least amount risk. For this and many other reasons, both our pilot escort and her customers found DinÈcom to be of exceptional value. We have also found that clients and prospective clients repeatedly visit the lounge allowing the escort to continue to solidify the relationship with her clientele.
  • No software to install -- DinÈcom requires no software installation for either the escort or for the escort’s customer. This includes the use of private Instant Messaging also provided in DinÈcom. No client software is required to download and install. Third party software is required to run the streaming webcam. However, DinÈcom supports all common webcam software.
  • Low price point -- DinÈcom is a hosted solution, meaning the software runs at our facilities. Exotics, therefore, has no operational costs associated with our solution. We charge a monthly fee per escort to use our solution in each geographical area (city).

Along with the value and benefits DinÈcom brings, there are also values and benefits that come directly to clients for using DinÈcom.

  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty -- DinÈcom will allow Exotics to continue to improve customer satisfaction by providing a solution that no other Escort portal service currently provides. This will allow Exotics to quickly become the dominant player in this space.
  • Increased traffic to all Exotics sites -- We believe, based on our pilot study, that the use of DinÈcom will create repeat and "sticky” traffic to the Exotics sites. This increased exposure and use of the Exotics website will allow Exotics to quickly grow to be the dominate escort portal on the Internet. Additionally, through affiliate programs offered on the Internet, additional revenue should be available from click-throughs.
  • No development costs -- There are no development and maintenance costs to provide your own solution. Additionally DinÈcom is committed to continually provide state-of-the-art software to its customers on a go-forward basis. DinÈcom, not your IT staff, incur the cost of ensuring that our software has the latest technology and features.
  • Low barrier to entry -- We believe that DinÈcom is priced at a sufficiently low level to allow Exotics to charge a small additional fee on top of the DinÈcom monthly fee. This assures that not only will there be no net cost to Exotics for implementing DinÈcom but Exotics will receive additional revenue with no expense associated with developing or maintaining the software.
  • Time proven software solution -- This is not a recently developed solution from someone’s garage. DinÈcom software comes from a robust system currently powering a large community on the Internet for over the last year and a half.
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