(Dinè, from Navajo - "of the people")

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DinÈcom of San Diego, California, is an eCommerce application service provider (ASP) whose software as been powering large communities on the Internet over the last two years. DinÈcom's core business offering is a securely hosted Internet Communication Solution (ICS) used to improve sales communication via the Internet. DinÈcom's management team brings together decades of experience providing software solutions for such diversified industries as banking, offshore petroleum, government, military, and eCommerce.

Our solution provides companies, who sell goods or services over the Internet, the ability to maximize selling relationships by meeting face to face with customers in personal "web rooms" provided from our servers. We equip companies to maximize profitability by building stronger relationships, faster, with their best customers.

The DinÈcom ICS allows sellers and buyers to quickly establish a bonding relationship as can only be accomplished by face-to-face meetings. DinÈcom-facilitated relationships have a lasting value that cannot be made through e-mail or telephone conversations and at a fraction of the cost of a physical meeting.

Because DinÈcom's ICS is a hosted solution, there is virtually no implementation effort required. In fact, anyone can be DinÈcom enabled in just a matter of minutes by inserting a simple line of text (HTML) onto a webpage or in his or her e-mail.

Our solution is unique because the ICS does not require any client software to be installed on the end users computer. This includes the ability to send private instant messages between two parties. Our software will also function through corporate firewalls making it an ideal low cost alternative to expensive video teleconferencing over dedicated ISDN lines. That's a tremendous benefit to companies who want to attract and retain customers who represent the greatest profitability, and whose satisfaction builds long-term loyalty.

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