The Art at Burning Man is overwhelming. It is everywhere.

The very landscape is a clock-less ‘Persistence of Time’ canvas…as if Dali, himself, set the scene.

Then, amidst the surreal setting, Art surrounds you.

In sculptures.
In musical performances.
In dances.
In puppetry.
In fashion.
In speech and movement.

Nowhere on earth is artistic expression so prevalent.

The event inspires people to infuse creativity into every action, thought, and motion.  Not only do you stop and smell the flowers, You glue-gun silk flowers to everything you own.

If you need to get from point a to b, do it in an art car that looks like a jellyfish. Or a decorated bike. If you need to keep warm, do it in a fur jacket with stuffed animals sewn to it.  Or a cloak with glowing el-wire sewn in. 

It isn’t about extra effort…just additional thought.  For example,  you need a flashlight to get around.  Why not do something to your flashlight to make it a piece of art?  I saw one person who attached photographic slides to his head lamp with duct tape.  Every night his light was a new artistic image as well as a functional form of illumination.

So simple.  So huge.

One small piece of tape for man…one giant leap in mankind’s artistic potential.

If it exists, it can exist as an artistic expression.  If it doesn’t exist, create it as a form of artistic expression.

Everything has the potential to be artistic. Art is a mindset. (Duchamp taught us that, no?) And the artistic mindset is EVERYWHERE on the playa.