It shows you how people can live with one another. How deeply people can express and feel.  How much creativity and divine inspiration can be a part of daily living.  How connected we can be.  What is possible with love.

And how life, itself, can be art.

Soulful expression can be a part of everything you do. Not just activities that require a paintbrush.

6 years ago, I saw art as objects in museums and galleries. Things to be looked at and appreciated OUTSIDE of normal life.

 I’d heard visionaries talk of the importance of artists in society, but if all they are doing is making pretty things to hang on walls, how much difference can that make?!

The truth is that being an artist is about seeing every aspect of the world as a medium of expression, not just the white canvases and lumps of clay.

And the artist, in that sense, in priceless.  The world *can* be better.  The artist can help us see beyond the existing patterns to a new world view.  Beyond “the way things are” towards “The way they should be.”

As artists, we must strive to see the potential of the world. We must have the courage to believe in ultimate possibilities.

We are all artists.