Burning Man is like a gallery opening for personal style. The desert floor provides the perfect runway for surreal fashions.

I've always been a fan of fashion. Not, la-de-da runway fashion, but personal fashion. I love seeing people's personal style come out in their clothes/jewelry/etc.

Your body is a canvas and every time you leave the house, you have the opportunity to express yourself artistically.

I don't let other people decorate my apartment, and I won't let the Nordstrom salesperson decorate my body.

Embracing your personal style can be tough in everyday life. But it's a cinch in the surreal desert. Free from social constructs and "casual Friday" rules, people allow their style imaginations to let go. People grab hold of their inner nugget of whimsy and turn it inside out. They live their fantasy. And on the playa, fantasy can become reality without violating any social rules.

images from Black Rock

images from Black Rock