Mission Statement

The goal of my philosophies is to stimulate others to develop the philosophic and psychological tools required to live an amazing and fulfilling life.  Few people live the life they desire.  People’s potential is unlimited, but living under society’s expectations and a lack of self-confidence limits our personal evolution.

                Society falsely expects and demands that a person have only one consistent personality.  All geniuses must eventually break through the illusion of the unity of one’s personality and perceive that the self is made up of a bundle of personas.  As a Selfproclaimedgenius, I am too dynamic not to have many personas.  All nine personas complement each other by possessing a unique perspective and wisdom.

                Having multiple personas is akin to living many lives and having innumerable personal experiences.   The fulfillment my multiple personas have provided has eliminated my fear of death or need for an afterlife.

Through this site and my upcoming book, Selfproclaimedgenius, I want others to: 

  1. accept and understand their many personas; and

  2.    embrace the many philosophic lessons resulting from change and tragedy, such as my sister’s suicide and the traumatic accident I was involved in; and

  3.   to accept the chaos in life and realize one’s ability to determine one’s perception and reaction to this chaos; and

  4.   to know that life is too finite to live for others and let others determine one’s self-worth.

                The goal of life is to fully actualize one’s potential.  The path of actualization is unique for everyone, but I hope my upcoming book and the book excerpts contained on this site, will aid the reader in finding their own path towards life fulfillment and happiness. 

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