The Book

The book, "SelfProclaimedGenius," is a look at the nine personas of Ken Deleon. This website provides excerpts from each section. Further explanation of each is below. For information regarding the publication of this book, contact


The Survivor – vividly recounts the horrific and bizarre accident I was involved in.  From walking on the sidewalk with my father to being hit by a car going 40 M.P.H., being catapulted upward and over the hood of the vehicle, and then shattering the windshield and landing inside the moving car.  I was conscious through it all and felt blows being showered upon me from above.  Pleading with my attacker for three miles as we wove in and out of traffic, he repeatedly beats me.  The Survivor’s main focus is upon my amazing recovery, allowed through my immediate acceptance that my life had changed.  I was strong enough to overcome this tragedy and would learn many valuable lessons from this involuntary and almost deadly change in my life. 

The Philosopher – details my philosophies on life, particularly articulating how we control and shape our own lives.  The Philosopher provides principles designed to stimulate readers to better understand, trust, and love themselves.

The Sex Symbol  - explains what it’s like to be so damn sexy and how others can be sexy as well.  I also explore the eternal question of why do bad things happen to sexy people.

The Brother – characterizes my sister and our loving relationship, and examines her tragic suicide, caused by her lack of confidence and giving an unrequited love to her boyfriend.  This persona also examines how her loss planted the seeds for my becoming a philosopher and my seeking to prevent others from sharing her fatal lack of self-esteem.

The Attorney – describes my unique experiences at Berkeley law school, such as attending an all nude party and dressing in skirts, while also detailing working for a prestigious law firm and the creation of my own law office.

The Dancer – narrates the metamorphosis of myself from a mild mannered attorney into a night club dancer.  The Dancer explores the cathartic effect dancing has upon the mind and body.

The Church of Ken – “The Church of Ken is for those who want to make gods of themselves.”  This persona describes how we can control our lives through achieving the self-fulfilling prophecy and also determining how we react to those events in our life, which we could not shape.  The Church of Ken includes positive advice and precepts for living with The Ken Commandments.

The Husband – explains how a perpetual bachelor who once thought that monogamy was a type of wood settled down, and what I have learned from my wife.

The College Student – summarizes the lessons I learned while in college as well as describing the many antics I was involved in.

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