I heard a lovesong today while I was on hold with my credit card company.

If it was the radio, I would definitely have changed the station. I donít like lovesongs. They sound so cheesy.

But I was captive to the customer service departmentÖforced to listen to whatever hold music they wanted to subject me to.

So I actually listened.

And I heard the words to the song. I heard the passion in the singerís voice. I felt how desperately she yearned for loveÖ

How odd that Iíd never really felt the singerís passion like that in mushy stuff before.. But as I listened, I was captivated. Wow. Thatís not cheesyÖthatís how I feel sometimes.

Sometimes when I imagine being with an old lover, for a few moments I can actually feel it. Itís like my imagination is able to dupe my nerves. I actually *feel* her.

Then, inevitably, the spell is broken and the feeling of flesh dissipates into memory.

If I could scream out in those moments of broken spells, I think Iíd sing a song like that.

September 11, nineteen99