I quit Little League mid-game when I was a kid. I struck out and threw the bat. After the coach got finished yelling at me, I just started walking home...clunking along in my cleats down the sidewalk. My Dad caught up to me and said, ďyou canít just quit.Ē I think that must have been a tough parenting moment...because I kept walking.

As my life has continued, Iíve never really gotten good at sticking it out. If I canít win, I donít like to play. And if itís gonna take practice to get good at it, Iíd rather just pass. I tried snowboarding once. I fell and fell and fell and fell. I sucked. But rather than go through the embarrassment of sucking for another season or two, I just passed on the whole sport.

So I found myself in an uncomfortable position this month when I discovered myself sucking at work. I was assigned to manage a major project...and realized that Iím lousy at project management.

But instead of quitting, I worked harder than I ever have in my life.

I slept in the office for cripes sake.

I threw my bat *many* times...but I didnít walk home.

In desperation I found new places in myself. I was humbled. I learned. I listened to critiques with eagerness. *Help me be better.* Learning was the only weapon that could help me slay this monster task.

And while Iím far from being a good manager, Iím a little bit better. More importantly, I grew.

August 16, nineteen99