Saturday was my ten year high school reunion. I was voted "most changed."

I would agree that I have changed immensely (hair length not withstanding). But it appeared to me that we *all* have changed quite a bit. And *that* was what made the reunion such a treat.

High school can be a cruel thing...hoards of young people with searing insecurity and raging insensitivity.

I still feel echoes of that adolescent terror.

But so much has happened in ten years.

We've gone to school. Seen the world. Made love. Taken drugs. Had triumphs. Taken blows.

I think in those ten years we all learned that we're a lot more *like* each other than we are different.

Back then, we were so busy trying to be *something else.* We couldn't see that we were all pretty much the same thing: A bunch of struggling kids.

And while we're all still struggling in our own ways, it's amazing how many of us discovered ourselves along the way.

What a treat to re-meet the people from my past.

Hail to you, Centurions. University City High.

yes, I was cool

August 1, nineteen99