Last week I went out dancing by myself. Got a buzz-on and strutted into a club, solo. I just wanted to move. I went straight to the dancefloor and let my hips find the groove.

Head down, eyes closed, it was juuuuuust right. Then a woman started dancing in circles around me. Seductively. Blatant. She was cute and sexy, so I pulled out of my trance a bit and started dancing with her.

She was a pupil of the 80's glam-rock, pole-dancing, school of go-go dancing. *Very* suggestive and sexual. I couldn't stop smiling. She was in town for a convention. I was thinking, "Wow, I guess I'm getting laid." It's always when you're not looking for it.

So we exchanged a few words when the beats got repetitive. After several songs and some erection-causing lambada-ish groovin', she asked how old I was.
"27, you?"
"29…married with three kids." She flashed me her ring and kept smiling at me while we danced.

Huh? I have NO problem dancing with a married woman. Sure, dancing is sensual, but pretty harmless. But *freaking* someone is certainly sexual. It's pretty mild on the sex-o-meter, but there is a definite exchange of sexual energy. And I just didn't feel right about it. I excused myself as soon as it was polite.

My first thought was, "Am I a jerk?" Have I lost interest simply because there is no chance for sexual relations? I don't think so. Coming to the club, I had no intentions of sexual relations (Geez, I sound like Clinton) . In fact, this woman was steering my energy away from my dancing vibe towards a more sexual vibe. Yet she was clearly teasing. Either a) keep it non-sexual and let's just dance and have fun, or b) back off. I have too much sexual frustration in my life as it is. I don't need to spend my evenings flirting and grinding with married women. It feels icky.

May 01, nineteen99