The receptionist transferred Kelly Jones to me this morning.

"Hello?….Hello? …Kelly Jones?"

"That was a fake name." The woman said.


"I'm just gonna do this thing and then hang up, okay?"


Was this work related? Personal? I don't think I know this jittery female voice.

She said she been working on it all morning.

She'd never done this before to someone she didn't know.

I was sure it was sexual. I couldn't stop smiling.

She kept coughing and apologizing. She seemed very nervous.

"I'm going to put down the phone."

After some rustling and a moment of silence, She broke into song.

A beautiful, passionate love song.

Her voice was amazing.

Clearly this was her gift. And it was such an energizing experience to feel her share so much of herself. My skin felt tingly almost instantly. I lost track of the lyrics at times because I became distracted by the dramatic physical response I was having to this song. I closed my eyes and felt like I had drunken spins.

I heard her pick up the phone. I was in awe.

"That was beautiful! I…"
And she hung up.

It was fantastic.

Like getting a handjob by a beautiful stranger on the bus…or as wonderful as I imagine that would be.

April 16, nineteen99