When I walk into a party, I want to immediately shake hands with everyone and make my presence known. Why? I don't like the awkwardness of meeting eyes with a stranger....I want to feel like there are no strangers. I like being able to smile knowingly at someone as I pass them on the way to the bathroom

Yes, I am aware that this "HI, THIS IS ME!!!" behavior can be taken differently. "Who does he think he is?!" Well, I've decided that I don't have time for those people. I'm sorry we're not clicking. Maybe later.

I refuse to act cool and chill by the bean dip with the people I know. I love meeting new people. I love affecting and being affected by new people.

I'm trying to break down a little wall. And some people don't feel comfortable without that wall. I think its insecurity...but then again, I'm a cocky bastard.

February 1, nineteen99