So the lonely bug is biting again…little itchy bites that distract me from my business.

If I loosened up my focus on "my business" maybe I wouldn't be so lonely. Spending free time on a computer isn't the best way to meet people.

On one hand I am excited that I'm so full of creative energy right now. I love the feeling of wanting to do too much. I love wishing there were an extra 4 hours to the day; that feeling at midnight when I'm furiously working on a new design or article or animation and I feel like I could work all night.

Of course, then there's the feeling a few minutes later after I've brushed my teeth and put my hair up in a bun. As I snuggle into my lonely bed I wonder if I should be spending some of those precious waking hours "finding a mate." It would be nice to cuddle up next to some warm smooth skin instead of my trusty body pillow.

But then I think about the hours spent with first impressions and awkwardness and 1st dates and all the messiness that goes along with it.


People wonder why I'm so obsessed with porn? Because it's friggin easy.

January 24, nineteen99