This is a newspaper photo of my Grandpa and Martin Luther King, Jr.

That is a significant image to me. It makes a mythic life real. A tangible connection to the human potential.

Grandpa is a retired baptist minister. He always greets you with a smile and a hug. He projects an attitude that his glass is more than half's practically's spilling all over the place.

The cool old guy now lives 20 minutes away with my Grandma. Feuding lovers joined at the hip. I gave him MYST for Xmas.

And a website. He likes the idea of his digital legacy surviving after his death.

"As long as there is still electricity to keep the computer turned on, yes, Gramps. It will always be here."

Or if i stop paying for my domain hosting...but I didn't really feel like explaining that to him.

January 18, nineteen99