Ever have a day where your body decides it needs to cry?

I've started crying 3 times in the last few hours.

The first was while reading a Rolling Stone article on gay teens.

The second was while riding the excercycle…I was channel surfing and caught Frasier saying something touching to his dad.

The third was from a page someone sent me:
"I checked the Loinmeter daily, not so that I could laugh at your celibacy, but so that I could have the strength to go through another sexless day myself. Your sense of humor about the situation made me realize that I am not alone in being alone."

It felt good each time.

None of these triggers would qualify as tear-jerkers. My heart strings usually get tugged much harder on a daily basis.

Sometimes my body just needs to let it out, I guess.

Sometimes I'll take any excuse to let some of the pressure out.

Sometimes its nice not being macho.

August 05, nineteen98