There is a party game where everybody gets blindfolded. Then the host assigns each person a farm animal.
Some people are pigs, some are cows, some are lamb.
The object of the game is to find and congregate with the other people who are the same animal as you.
The trick is that you have to find them only by making the sound of your animal. And, of course, listening for other like animal sounds. So you “Moo, MoooooOOOoo” while bumping into people and moving about the room. When you hear another “moo,” you hold on to that fellow cow and continue on in search of the other cows.

Life is much like this game.
You go about your life bumping into people and moving about. When you bump into another denizen of the world, and they say, “Watch it, buddy!” that can be heard as a hearty “OINK!, Oink!” so you back away and go on. When you bump and that person says, “whoa, sorry bro. How’s it going?” that is the soothing sound of “MooooooOOOOOOOoo.

July 22, nineteen98