Back when I still thought I was going to do something with my psych degree, I was really into Carl Jung (I even got the vanity plate "JUNG AT*heart symbol*").

Jung speaks of your dark side or "shadow" and the importance of embracing/integrating your light and dark sides.

Well, I've probably distorted Jung's ideas a ton, but much of my motivation for self-publishing is an attempt to embrace my shadow impulses. Our subconscious is constantly generating ideas. That is why a painter may create something and then not recognize the symbolism till later. Many people are deathly afraid of these shadow impulses ("what if I picture myself having sex with my mom?"). So they stop listening to their inner voices and close their minds to an amazing source of creative power. The problem is, if you refuse to listen to your inner oracle, you miss out on the good and the bad. The key is to listen to the impulses. At that point, decide whether or not you wish to act on them. Editing your ideas before you've even grasped them is a crime against yourself.

I think many people have a retarded sense of sexuality because of their fear of their Shadows. If a person is convinced that sex must be beautifull and romantic, they will refuse to listen to the filthy, animalistic impulses that seep out during moments of passion. You may or may not have the urge to call your partner a "whore" in bed, but if you're spending some of your energy making sure you *don't*...then you can never truly relax and transcend.

Then again, maybe I'm just a perve.

May 2, nineteen98