My family has an Easter tradition that is appropriate for everyone:

The Annual Beer Hunt

Mom Styn, keenly aware of a families' waning interest in the Easter Egg Hunt, modified the traditional egg hunt to improve public opinion. As young adults, its hard to get excited about finding eggs hidden among the shrubbery. Little gelatinous animal-products sitting out in the sun a few hours…they just lack the draw they once had.

But now Easter has rocketed in the polls. My mom buys a number of six packs of nice, microbrewed beers. She then hides the bottles around the yard. Everyone gets a cardboard six-pack holder with plastic green grass in the bottom to use as a basket.

We trot around the yard and look for the glint of an Amber Bock bottle amongst the ivy or a Hefeweizen in the crook of a tree. When you fill your basket, you're done.

Even the non-drinkers can play; My mom hides cans of Ensure for my grandpa.

C'mon! Give it a try! Its more fun than a round of "Count Grandpa's Moles"!

April 12, nineteen98