I don't play an instrument or read music, but I'm starting a band. We're gonna be called "corndog." Its a concept band. A mix between The Spice Girls and the Village People. All members will be males with great skin, but they won't all be gay...just one guy. Each member will have an "identity" and corresponding costume. So there will be Ninja-dog (the Asian turntable wizard), Street-Dog (the stereotype gangsta rap guy, complete with sideways turned baseball cap), pHreak-dog (cyber guy on keyboards and sampler...lots of silver clothes), Prance-dog (The well-groomed gay guy with great hair), etc...

The music is irrelevant but will probably be something non-offensive and without soul...R&B flavored pop...something you could easily choreograph a dance routine to.

We'll sell lunchboxes and sponsor contests on MTV, "Invent a corndog Identity for yourself and star in the next corndog video!!!" The video will feature cameos by grown up child actors and have scenes from a backyard BBQ bikini bash.

The time is right for corndog.

April 7, nineteen98