I love Halloween.

I wish there were more opportunities to dress-up with society's approval.

It's so cool when LOTS of people are dressed up. It frees up the brain. It breaks you out of your normal mode. There's nothing like seeing a receptionist in a flapper costume. Or your boss dressed as Darth Vader. It reminds us that life should be fun.

I think that every 31st of the month should be Halloween. Not just October 31st.

Every month that has 31 days gets a costume celebration at the end: Jan, March, May, July, August, October, & December.

That's seven dress up days a year.

You in?

And if you have to leave the house on the 31st, you must be wearing a costume. Even if it's just a funny hat. People without costumes on the 31st will be issued $10 citations.

I'm serious. This is gonna be part of my political platform in 2004. Costumes every 31st and repealing all public indecency laws are the twin pillars of my campaign.

Anyone want to be my running mate? (You'll have to be naked for the debates.)

October 31, 2000