Interview transcript from ZDTV's "Home Sweet Home"

1. State your name and the name (not URL) of your website.
Halcyon Styn…

2. Tell us why you started your site.
It started as an footnote to my humor webzine People wanted to know Who is this guy writing such wacky stories about his genitals? But it evolved into a public exploration of who I am. A lewis and clark voyage into my psyche. And the web allows me to take everyone along for the ride.

3. Talk about your favorite section.
Probably the vibe me section. I have my pager hooked up to a submit form, so people can anonymously send a message and vibration directly to my hip. Not only are the messages brilliant, but the fact that there is an actual physical sensation associated with the message makes it much more intimate. No...not *that* intimate.

4. If there's one thing you hope a person gets (or takes away) from your site, what would that be? I believe that I live life on a throne. But it's not an exclusive throne, there's room for everyone up here. I'll do whatever I can to give you a hand and get you up here. But I'm not gonna get off the throne just because being up here makes someone else feel uncomfortable. There are too many eagles parading as chickens. Hopefully after reading my site, people will understand that we're ALL eagles.

April 10, 2000