"An army of lovers would be unbeatable." - Plato

Welcome to the Love army.


On Jan 5th, 10pm PST,

You are invited to the first ever Virtual Orgy.

The purpose is threefold:

  1. Raise some money for Planned Parenthood.
  2. Heal the planet with a sexual knock upside the head.
  3. Try something really sexy and cool.


Sex is good. Sexual release is energy release. We believe that kind of release is good not only for you, but for the planet. Imagine if the whole world climaxed at once. Well, that may be ambitious, but let's try to get as many people engaged in simulataneous sexual release as possible.

We could try to get us all in some huge auditorium. But that sounds cramped (not to mention messy).



So here's how it's gonna work:

1) We'll have a number of couples and singles (of course masturbating counts!) in TheRealHouse. The house (wired with 24 streaming webcams with sound) will serve as the hub for our global orgy.

We'll be the pace car, if you will.

2) Everyone on the planet can also particpate from home (or anywhere, I suppose, if they have a wireless connection to the internet.)

2a.) If you have a webcam (and an exhibitionist streak), you can get your groove on (alone or with a partner) and let other participants see you. If you're less bold, you can wear a disguise or point the cam at your knees.

2b) If you don't have a cam, or prefer your participation to be non-visual) you can still contribute to (and feed off of) the sexy vibe. We still want you masterbating or having sex at home, even if we can't see you. You don't have to have a cam to be a participant in the virtual orgy.

Whether your partner is the same sex, the opposite sex, a vibrator, a Rubber Debbie, or a skilled hand, YOUR PARTICIPATION IN GLOBALGASM IS NEEDED!

Let's shake the planet with a bliss tsunami.

Afterwards, if you don't collapse into sleep, we'll meet in the Lounge for post-coital cigarettes and chat until the flush leaves our faces.



The event is open to all ClubCX members with access to the RealHouse. If you are not currently a member, the monthly cost is $15.

$1 from every signup will go to Planned Parenthood. The rest goes towards bandwidth and servers for TheRealHouse.

Sign up now.



Have thoughts, ideas, suggestions for this event (or future events)? Post to the boards.




donate directly to Planned Parenthood