[front view]

I dressed up to match my mood
Sir Thomas Foolery declared the LTJ Bukem concert to be a "Mandatory" Lustmonkey event. He was so excited about this DJ that he couldn't bear the thought of not sharing it with his friends.

Sir Thomas Foolery is one of those guys who had a really god expereince on exstacy sometime in his life and brought something back with him.

Good hugger. Sincere smiles.

Actually, that describes all my friends. Which is why the evening turned out to be so fun. Dancing, hugging and laughing the night away to the thumping soundtrack of LTJ Bukem's drum and bass.

As we walked in the door, they handed evryone a daisy. So cool. So i got two and attached them to my braids. (one for each.) The combo of hat and flowers turned me into the physical embodiment of Spring.


p.s. Public group hugs are a good thing. They spread love. They shine light on dark heads. And shining light...*that* is our war.