When people ask me about Burning Man, I usually say, "It's a convention for performance artists in the middle of the desert."

You build your structure. You bring your water. You spend a week in the Nevada desert trying to survive the heat, cold, wind, and dust.

All while working to make the event better for everybody else.


When I greeted people at the gate to give them their map, wearing pink fur and makeup, I'd say, "I'm not a performer or employee. I'm just a participant here. Just like you."

Buying a ticket doesn't entitle you to any "show." It simply helps sustain a community that you become a part of. And that you must work to enhance. And that you just might fall in love with.

So don't come to the desert looking to check out the crazy people. YOU are one of the crazy people. And in Black Rock City…you're allowed to let the crazy out.

images from Black Rock

images from Black Rock