images from Black Rock

images from Black Rock
With fresh eyes, the destruction became more and more wondrous. It made perfect sense. Isn't Burning Man about creating AND destruction? Shiva herself paid us a visit. The burning of the Man is merely a symbolic representation of destruction. How lucky we were to intimately experience the universe's true destructive force.

When the jungle went, the place was filled with people escaping the winds. As the wind crumpled the structure, metal pipes were flying and black lights dropped from 20 feet. But nobody was hurt.

The lack of injuries proves to me that this was not a disaster, but a friendly reminder from Mother Nature about who's in charge. No blood, no foul. Game play continues…we just need to let go of whatever expectations would cause us to label this a "bad" thing.

Nothing "bad" happened. Only a few things that were outside of our plans.
Apparently our plans were wrong.