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Halcyon is a pioneer in digital intimacy. He has spent the last five years stretching the potential of the Internet. Not the boring technical stuff, but the emotional and cultural potential of a system that connects every person on the planet.
  • Halcyon's views on the Net and online intimacy have been seen in the New York Times, Talk Magazine, USA Today, TechTV, TalkTV (Canada), and countless online publications. He is the subject of an upcoming MTV documentary titled, "Naked on The Net." (3 meg video)

  • His online soul searching through his personal site,, earned him the Webby Award for "Best Personal Website" in 2000. (Where Sam Donaldson said on air, "Get a load of this guy…he loves himself! What an ego!")

  • Founded the 130,000 member webcam community, CitizenX, where people can go to chat casually after work, or meet for specific virtual events like "Virtual Grace" on Thanksgiving. Most recently, there was a Support Group video chatroom set up after the 9-11 attacks for people world-wide to share and comfort one another. []

  • Created "HugNation." A web-based gathering for a weekly world-wide virtual Hug. People hug themselves or someone next to them (preferably in front of a webcam). It is an experiment in virtual places. There is no physical location shared…but the Internet allows thousands to share the same psychological space at the same time. []

  • He created "Globalgasm." Which is like HugNation, but for grownups. A monthly online gathering for couples and singles to share a digital sexual experience. Not necessarily a graphic display, more of a shared mindset and focus. []

  • Lives in and runs a 24-7 experimental webcam house. 24 streaming video cameras (with sound) record every room in his home and put them live on the Net. (Yes… bathrooms and bedrooms, too). []

  • Hosts a weekly interactive webcam/Radio Show, "Feel The Love" at []

  • Delivered the Keynote Address, "Digital Intimacy" at the University of New Mexico's Southwest Symposium.

  • Hosts the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) web award show in Austin.

  • Interviewed in "Design For Community" by Derek Powazek. (published by New Riders)

  • Hosted TV pilot of "Hot Tub Television."

  • Was one of the first to show the collective power of internet community when he stood up to Corporate America. (Fruit of the Loom served him with a cease and desist in 1996. Halcyon rallied the online community, fought the lawsuit, and Fruit of the Loom backed down. "Freedom of Speech doesn't end at an elastic Waistband!")

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